Having been in the industry for more than 15 years now, I have amassed a wealth of knowledge relating to design, pre press, production art, redraws, promo mockups and promotional industry decorations. Over the years, I have been a guest speaker at numerous events, conducted workshops on various topics and consulted on many projects. Iʼve also created a FREE educational website called www.artworkexplained.com.au to impart my knowledge and experience onto those that are interested in learning more about the various design principles and techniques that have shaped my designs over the years. I hope you find it useful and enjoyable…
  • Convert all type to outlines when submitting production art.
  • Never work in RGB mode in Illustrator.
  • Saving a JPG to EPS in Photoshop does not make it a vector EPS. A redraw is needed.
  • Lower case type must be a min. 5mm high for embroidery. Use sans serif fonts eg: Helvetica.